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New Tourist Destination in the World

Lombok island is part of Nusa Tenggara Province, one among 33 province in Indonesia.Lombok in local word has two meaning ‘ straight ‘ and chili.

The chili in this context is co notated with local cuisine. Some say that food in Lombok is spicy and has strong taste. The main food in Lombok is AYANM BAKAR TALIWANG in local word means grilled chicken and pelecing kangkung Or water spinach. Another meaning of Lombok is straight. This word is stressed to the local people to behave and having good manner and obey the rules applicable in their society.

As International tourist destination, Lombok Island is situated at very strategicLocation. It is 2 hrs flight from Jakarta International airport and 45 minutes from Surabaya International Airport. Lombok is also easy to reach from Bali Island, it is only 25 minutes by flight and 4 hours by regular ferry. From Padang Bay Sea port in Bali to Lembar harbour. An international direct flight is available from Singapore v.v and which takes 2,5 hrs.

Lombok Island has many things to offer. Nature, culture and tradition. Adventure and leisure is wonderful. This island has breathtaking view of the mountain. The second highest volcano in Indonesia Rinjani (3726m) is very famous.

With its fantastic panorama. The Segara Anak lake is a mascot of this site.This lake is not only for tourist attraction but also still used by the locals to do annual sacred ceremony. The replica of this mount is symbolized by a temple built by Anak Agung a king from Bali Island in 1727.

Exploring under water panorama is other option for Lombok Island is surrounded by hundred of small island. It is very suitable for marine activities such as Snorkelling, scuba diving and fishing. Coral, colourful fish and sea turtle is a must to see. The coral and fish found in the small island especially in Gili Trawangan is very spectacular. This view is only can be found in Cariban Sea and Gili Trawangan – Lombok Island – Indonesia.

Instead of Gili Trawangan there are some other small island in Lombok. These small islands are now being developed by the government for being other tourists destination in Indonesia. These islands such as Gili Air,Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan at north of lombok Island, Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede, and Gili Kedis at south of Lombok Island.

To facilitate the visitors for accommodations in lombok island there are some hotels available at each resort. Senggigi Beach Resort is the central of tourists activities provides hotels room from non star hotel to five star hotel. Other facilities such as restaurants, telecommunication service and public transport are also available.Except in Senggigi the Gili islands are ltle bit diferent.Insted of hotels and villa the Budget accommodations are available for tourists who will stay for long period.The prices of hotles budget in Gili are low but the room and the service is very good.Please come to Lombok Island where you can experience the wonderfull holiday and find your satisfaction till the endless of it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hotel Information and Reviews

One of the finest hotels in Ireland is Blarney's Castle Hotel, located nine kilometers west of Cork; the Blarney Castle Hotel is positioned in picturesque Blarney, Ireland.

Blarney's Castle Hotel was built in 1837 near the famous Blarney Stone in Blarney Castle. More people from all over the world line up just to kiss the well-known Blarney Stone, which was housed in this beautiful castle. The stone of Blarney is also known as the Stone of Eloquence, for those who kiss the stone are rumored to be blessed with the "gift of gab".

Wide-ranging gardens and natural rock structures enclose the castle. To reach the Stone requires climbing a 127-step spiral staircase that, just when you think it can't get any narrower, it does near the top. Once reaching the top you can afford to see the wonderful views of the surrounding countryside that should not be missed.

If the visitors decide to have some relaxing moment, they can place their reservation and check into Blarney's Castle Hotel. Checking in is from 12 pm up to 12 pm the next day thru credit cards or on cash basis. The facilities of the hotel include front desks (limited hours), and guestrooms. Minimum check-in age is 18 years of age.

When going to Blarney's Hotel, frequent buses run all day from Cork City center to the airport. Buses are available approximately every hour between Cork City bus station and Blarney. Taxi fare from the airport to the hotel costs more or less 25 EUR. Approximate distance to the hotel is 14 kilometers from Cork International Airport. From the airport just follow signboards for Cork on N25, go by the loop road around Cork, go along N20 north, leave R617 on the left and then just trail the signs going to Blarney Village. Blarney's hotel is located on the Village Green.

Customers and visitors must present photo identification or valid identification card when checking in. Credit card is charged at the time they book into Blarney's Hotel.

Customer reservation is prepaid and is guaranteed for late arrival. Rooms and taxes are included in the total charges, as well as fees for access and booking. Other charges like parking space, room services, and phone calls will be addressed directly by the customer and the property.

The Blarney's Hotel features smooth dark wood boarding, with beautiful sparkling chandeliers. Brilliant colors and open fires create a warm Irish welcome upon entering the hotel's lobby. As you go along to the interior of the hotel you will see a signature bar by Johnny, serving Guinness and local brews, with a touch of antique furnishings amidst it. The Lemon Tree Restaurant also serves seasonal and regional specialties and they boast an extensive wine list. Satisfying and complementary Irish style breakfasts are served every morning.

The Hotel also features a unique craft studio that offers local handicrafts to hotel guests at discounted prices. They also have a room overlooking the Village Green, with a fireplace and antique reproduction space.

Their guestrooms have satellite televisions and provide dial-up Internet access for business and personal use. Coffeemakers are also available and they serve bottled water for free. Personal bathrooms feature showers only.

Customer reviews of the Blarney Castle Hotel are very high and they said that they would recommend it to their families, relatives and friends when they come to visit Blarney Castle.

Most of the Blarneys customers who have stayed in it for a couple of days were very happy and satisfied. The hotel's rooms are very nice and spacious, clean, comfortable and well decorated. They serve delicious breakfast and excellent food. The service is always great, and their staff is friendly, polite, very helpful, attentive, and informative.

Hotels amenities:

• Express check-in
• Conference room(s)
• Meeting room (small groups)
• Restaurant(s)
• Shoe shine
• Fireplace in lobby
• Parking nearby
• Internet public area - surcharge
• Express check-out
• Bar/lounge
• Room service (limited hours)
• Parking (Complimentary)
• Gift shop or newsstand
• Breakfast services - Fees Apply

Friday, November 14, 2008

Car Hires In Majorca

Majorca or Mallorca which is regarded as the largest of the Balearic Islands of Spain is one of the most visited tourist places around the globe. Home to an illustrious history that boasted a Roman culture, Majorca is truly a place where the entire family will enjoy their holiday together. Whilst there are many transport options available such as bus and taxi, there are also more comfortable and convenient modes of travel such as by car hire.
There are those types of tourists who really do enjoy going right down to the grass root level of a country and taking the more “rustic” type of transport such as bus or even hired bicycles. While this has a charm of its own, it would be highly advisable that tourists take the opportunity to hire a car. The main reason being that cars offer a much more relaxed and refined experience than any other mode of transport.
The island of Majorca per se offers many attractions that require a visit. The best part is that most of these attractions are accessible by car, whether they are historical attractions such as Roman ruins, museums, theme parks or even zoos. Ideally, it would be convenient for travellers into Majorca to get a car hired from the hotel they stay in. Especially since the majority of the hotels in Majorca offer this facility of providing a hire car at an extra fee.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Majorca Beach Hotels

The truth must be told. Majorca is very much like one of those clich├ęd postcards from the 80s complete with harsh sunsets and golden sand. It won’t come as a surprise to many a tourist that the Majorcan beaches are part and parcel of this island paradise, without the aftertaste of a garish picture postcard. Next to the beaches however, there are a myriad of hotels dotting the coast line. Many of these hotels do offer a unique and undeniably fun holiday experience. 
At this point it would be prudent to mention the numerous and unique tourist sites that one could travel from nearby beach hotels in the region. When one talks about tourist attractions they are not necessarily just historical and cultural ones. In close proximity to most beach hotels are theme parks and water parks which would be an ideal visiting ground especially for those tourists with families. It would be also worthwhile to mention that another attraction namely golf courses are also near to many of the beach hotels in Majorca.
It must be said that the hotels in this island paradise of Majorca do offer a feasible chance at having a truly exotic vacation. During the times relative to antiquity, any well learned history buff would have been aware how guests were treated with the highest sense of respect. The host would do everything in his power to ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay. Since the island of Majorca does have its illustrious roots imbedded in part of Roman and Phoenician history, it comes as no surprise that hospitality is a foremost quality that is embraced by all Majorcans. Hotels in any form are not exempted.
However, make no mistake Majorca may have had a primordial history by some accounts, yet there is nothing ‘out of date’ when one traverses the vast list of hotel facilities that most of the hotels in Majorca offer. For example, most hotels do offer an exemplary set of facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, parking and currency exchange. Whilst these set of ‘traditional’ facilities can be expected from the majority of the hotels in Majorca, needless to say there is a hotel for every budget in this tourist friendly island. Hotel rooms are also a comfortable affair where basic amenities such as ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, telephone and television are present and indeed can be expected. 
Consequently one would be surprised to know that hotels in Majorca do offer a rather implicit look into the island’s heritage and culture. What this means is that elements such as the art deco in hotels do portray a rather vivid pictorial of Majorcan culture. Roman motifs and Phoenician art is very reminiscent of this inimitable culture. Some would go so far as to argue that merely visiting a beach hotel in this island paradise would offer a glorified snapshot of Majorca as a whole.
As any Majorcan would tell you, cuisine is of integral importance here. And so, beach hotels in Majorca do offer a tantalizing menu of authentic Majorcan delicacies. Some dishes which do need some indulgence is the ensaimada, which is a light desert that includes in flour and pork lard in its list of ingredients. Then there is a dish called arros brut, which is saffron rice that contains a generous helping of vegetables, pork and chicken. A more adventurous dish that does deserve some indulgence is blanquet or pork brains.
All in all it could be said that the hotels in Majorca especially in the areas near the beach do offer a microcosm of what truly Majorca is. Besides catering to every feasible budget, the beach hotels in this island paradise do offer modern facilities and a cultural experience which would go a long ay in helping visitors to Majorca enjoy a memorable vacation.